Image of YODATAL x HINOSCH Tasche und EP



Fashion meets music collab with a tote bag plus 12“ vinyl.

YODA is a fashion brand based in Düsseldorf, Germany.
Steeped in a global mindset the brand relies on traditional Japanese crafts and materials present in all of its pieces, YODA‘s collections also incorporate contemporary European designs to create a truly international fashion.

TAL is a record label from Düsseldorf which embraces a wide variety of music cultures such as Kenyan folk music, Japanese post punk or sound documents from Venezuelan ethnomusicologists.
Very recently TAL also did focus on the rich and vibrant electronic music heritage of its hometown Düsseldorf.
A musical collaboration between Koshiro Hino from Osaka and Stefan Schneider from Düsseldorf, resulted in their joint debut vinyl EP called HINOSCH. The first edition of the EP comes with a silkscreened artwork and also exclusively with the YODATAL bag.

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